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With almost every societal issue, one can find both positive and negative aspects. When it comes to the state of Ohio mental health solutions for people who are struggling, that same idea applies. The “bad news” according to a recent news article is that those who are experiencing mental health problems in Ohio and across the country are struggling to find available resources in a timely fashion. The “good” news that one could glean from that is that for several reasons, more people are seeking mental health help in Ohio.

SoCal Empowered is a team of experienced professionals offering mental health help in Orange County, California. We fully understand how obtaining Ohio mental health help can seem all but impossible given today’s climate, but we’re also here to serve as a resource-finding solution for those who need one, as you’ll see below. The bottom line is that the more struggling people benefit from mental health services, the better. They benefit, their families and friends benefit and society overall benefits. We will always happily help someone find the help they need.

A Troubling Ohio Mental Health Availability Article – The “Bad” News

The article we’re referencing above was published recently on Cleveland.com, which is one of the largest news resources in the Buckeye State. It discusses the fact that the people of Ohio are encountering extremely long wait times before being able to see mental health professionals. That need rose sharply with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as stated in the article, it’s not uncommon for those who have Ohio mental health needs to be forced to wait between four and six months for an appointment.

The reason for this wait is that there simply are not enough Ohio mental health professionals to accommodate the number of people who are currently seeking help. This problem appears to be particularly acute in Cleveland, but in reality it’s an issue that’s becoming more and more prevalent not only across the state, but across the United States overall. Too many people need mental health help as compared to the number of resources available.

Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any quick or easy solution for this numbers problem. It takes years to be properly trained as a mental health professional, and that’s a process that cannot be rushed. Given developments such as the pandemic, wars in different parts of the world and increased mental health awareness, most experts do not expect the overall need level for mental health to dissipate anytime soon. It’s a problem that needs solutions on several fronts so that those who need help can obtain it before their situations worsen.

There Are Mental Health Solutions Out There – The “Good” News

Mental health conditions are diseases, and as anyone would understand, the longer someone who is ill waits to get medical help, the worse that person’s condition becomes. People with mental health problems who make a few calls and hear that they’ll need to wait several months even for an initial appointment could simply give up and assume that there is no help available. There’s no other way to say this, but choosing that route is the absolute worst thing a person could do.

As the Cleveland.com article states, entities of all types are beginning to augment their internal staffing to account for and to accommodate mental health needs. That’s a positive start, and the advent and normalization of telehealth that includes many mental health conditions is also widening the geographic reach of those who are searching for Ohio mental health help. These are critically important steps that in many cases could help prevent much worse situations from unfolding for people.

It’s also only a first step or two, so we need to continue to offer new and innovative mental health solutions for those who need them, whether someone lives in Ohio or anywhere else. Every day matters when someone is ill, and SoCal Empowered is here to help you shorten the gap between thinking about your need for Ohio mental health help and actually receiving it.

Let SoCal Empowered Serve As Your Mental Health Help Conduit

As mentioned, one of the biggest problems those who need Ohio mental health encounter, particularly these days, is having any idea where to start. The best person to talk to initially is your primary care physician, as he or she may have some options available to you that you hadn’t previously considered. However, that won’t necessarily help you if you’re told several times that it’s going to be months before you’re even seen.

SoCal Empowered understands this unfortunate situation all too well. We’ve provided inpatient mental healthcare in Orange County, California to people from all over the United States. We talk to people from all over the country as well as they realize that they are struggling and they are looking for someone, anyone to help them. They’ll find that person – or in our case group of people – when they contact us.

We treat all sorts of very serious mental health conditions. We offer a plethora of different mental health treatment methods, and every solution is tailored to every person who comes to stay with us. We focus solely on mental health challenges so that the people who work with us understand that we are in this with them for the long haul, whatever it takes to help them get their lives back on track.

We are also much more than just an Orange County mental healthcare provider, as we can help you find the resource you need, whether it’s us or someone in Ohio or anywhere else. If you talk to us and we think that a stay at our facility is the best way forward, we’ll let you know that and we’ll even deal directly with your insurance company to define coverage before you board that plane.

However, if there is some form of Ohio mental health treatment that would work better for you, we’ll tell you that as well and help you get connected to that resource. All that matters to us is that you or your loved one gets the help we need, as we’re all better off every time that happens.

If you need Ohio mental health treatment and you’re struggling to find a resource, don’t give up, but instead, contact us so we can help you get moving in the right direction.

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