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Our inpatient Orange County mental health facilities provide every advantage to people who stay with us. The people we work with need help with serious mental health challenges, and SoCal Empowered provides a safe, quiet, comfortable, supportive and family-like atmosphere that allows our residents to focus on what it takes to get better.


Each of our Orange County mental health facilities starts with the most important thing, and that is our residents. Every treatment program is personally tailored to fit the needs of those who need our help, and no detail is overlooked.


Our Orange County mental health facilities are large, but we limit the number of beds so that everyone has the space necessary to get to know themselves and their treatment goals better.

SoCal Style

Both of our Orange County mental health facilities are within a short drive of the Pacific Ocean, affording everyone the true “SoCal” lifestyle experience during all of our outings.


Our goal with everyone who trusts us with their mental health needs is not only to bring about immediate results, but to equip every person with the tools necessary to succeed when they reenter their lives.

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Individual Psychotherapy

We start with you and formulate a treatment plan together that’s a fit for your needs. We do that for everyone who stays with us.

Evidence Based Treatments

When we build our individualized treatment plans, we draw from the wealth of established and accepted methods that have proven themselves to be effective over the test of time.

Medication Treatment Plans

Some of the people we work with are served well by medication. For those people, we introduce them to the protocols while they are with us and make sure they are ready to manage their medications successfully when they reenter their lives.

We Accept Most Insurance Providers

We are an in-network Orange County mental health provider for a growing list of insurance companies, and we also work with many others on an out-of-network basis. We will help you determine coverage before committing to us.

Small Group-Orientated Sessions

Some of the people we work with benefit greatly from group sessions. In those situations, we provide a group setting that’s comfortable, safe and that promotes a healing environment.

What Makes Us Different

You are not broken, so you don’t need to be “fixed.” You or a loved one face a mental illness, or a disease, that needs to be treated and healed. That’s our approach with everyone who works with us.


Our Treatment Plans Revolve Around You

Sadly, nearly everyone who is suffering from mental health challenges feels that he or she is alone with this struggle. This is not an uncommon belief, and it all-too-often prevents people from getting the help they need. The fact is that millions of people in the United States alone suffer from some form of mental illness. When you stay at one of our Orange County mental health facilities, you’ll realize that there is no shame with mental illness. Instead, you should be proud for taking the courageous step to get help.