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Mental health disorders do not come in neat and tidy packages. In many situations, people who are suffering are dealing with more than one mental health challenge, and it can be very difficult to identify what they are and how to treat them. People in these situations are suffering from co-occurring disorders, and SoCal Empowered provides residential co-occurring disorders treatment to help people unravel the knots that have complicated their lives.
Co-occurring disorders often give rise to the classic “chicken or the egg” conundrum in that absent professional intervention, it can be all but impossible to understand which disorder is causing what and which may be the root cause of all the problems. We’re here to help clarify these situations and bring order to people’s lives. Below you’ll find information relating to these difficult hurdles. If you feel that you or someone you love may be in need of co-occurring disorders treatment in Orange County, CA, please contact us as soon as possible.

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

Co-occurring disorders, as the term itself suggests, are situations where a person is suffering from more than one mental health challenge at a time. In truth, there is no limit to the number of difficulties a person can face, and there are certain mental health diseases that tend to occur relatively often with others.

There are several challenges that arise when someone is suffering from co-occurring disorders, including:

  • Obtaining an incorrect diagnosis
  • Failing to identify one or more of the mental health challenges faced
  • Treating the wrong mental health disorder first
  • Focusing treatment too much on one disorder over others

The bottom line is that in order to properly deal with co-occurring disorders, a person will need to undergo a thorough examination by experienced mental health professionals. Our residential co-occurring disorders treatment in Orange County starts with such an examination, as it’s far from uncommon to identify more than one problem that needs to be addressed.

After that initial evaluation is complete, a plan is put into place that’s designed to attack the foundation of the problem first, as doing so will only help a person deal with any associated mental health challenges. From there, we help our residents with learning coping skills that will provide them with the best opportunity to succeed after their stay with us is complete.

Common Manifestations of Co-Occurring Disorders

Overall, there are several types of mental health conditions and behaviors that can manifest themselves as part of the co-occurring disorders challenge. The first, and most commonly known, is substance abuse, which will be discussed below. The next 5 are known as process addictions, which means that these are behaviors that people engage in despite the known negative consequences of them.

Substance Misuse and Abuse

There are times when people suffer from substance abuse problems that include drugs and/or alcohol where that is the only problem they face. People in this situation generally need a different type of treatment than what’s provided at SoCal Empowered, but we still evaluate everyone who talks to us and provide them with resources to help.


While some will refer to compulsive shopping as its own disorder, what’s really happening here is that a person who is suffering from this process disorder is spending money that he or she does not have. This compulsion can lead to financial damage and ruination if not brought under control.


A gambling addiction can be devastating for anyone who suffers from this affliction. Not only does gambling quickly become damaging to a person’s finances when he or she is compulsive about it, but this problem can lead to several different forms of danger as well.

Sexual Addiction

A compulsive sexual addiction can become so severe that it interferes with a person’s everyday activities and responsibilities. It can also lead to serious damage to a person’s marriage or significant interpersonal relationships.


The Internet has made pornography more available to people than at any time in human history. It’s not uncommon for people who have a pornography addiction to spend hours online every day engaging in this activity, despite the damage that’s being done in other contexts.

Eating Disorders

There are several different types of eating disorders, and the cause for each must be independently identified. Some people cannot stop eating while others are unable to even consider eating food in the first place. Every eating disorder can create immediate and long-term health risks.

Diagnosing Co-Occurring Disorders

The fact that there are multiple mental health problems that exist with a person is just one of the reasons that diagnosing such a situation is so difficult. That’s why, as mentioned above, when someone decides to undergo co-occurring disorders treatment in Orange County, CA at SoCal Empowered, the first step we take is completing a full and thorough evaluation of the person who has come to stay with us.
While some of the specific co-occurring disorders treatment approaches will be discussed below, what we do at SoCal Empowered is analyze a person’s problems and challenges from several different viewpoints and contexts in an attempt to determine both what is happening and what is causing what in terms of the difficulties faced.
    Once we have built a map of the problems, we continue to support our residents by identifying replacement behaviors and building insights as to how the co-occurring disorders a person suffers from are related to what we’ve identified as the primary mental health disorder or disorders. Generally, the mere process of identifying the problems and why they are occurring will help a person understand the pathway forward towards healing and peace of mind. It’s a process, but that’s why people suffering from this situation would benefit from residential co-occurring disorders treatment in Orange County, CA at SoCal Empowered.

    Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Approaches

    Since every case of a co-occurring disorder is different, there is no hard-and-fast approach to treating these situations. Examples of the types of treatments we will employ to reach the goals stated above include: Residents may also undergo holistic therapy. Holistic therapy comprises of different ancient healing tactics that can benefit the mind and body. Popular examples include acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation, and yoga.

    Is Residential Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment in Orange County for You?

    While you may be tempted to stay at home and undergo treatment, you may experience better results when you choose residential co-occurring disorders treatment. Simply put, there is a lot to do and it’s best done in a focused, relaxed setting.

    When undergoing our residential co-occurring disorders treatment in Orange County, you’ll live in one of our facilities for a specific amount of time. Our staff will assist you with therapy, ensuring you practice healthy habits, and more.

    Your therapist will improve your understanding of your disorders, helping you control your symptoms.

    It’s time to get your situation under control. Contact us today to get that process started.



    Don’t suffer from co-occurring disorders for another day.
    If you or a loved one is battling any mental health challenge, SoCal Empowered residential co-occurring eating disorders treatment in Orange County could be the solution. Give us a call today so that our professional care team can help you.