Ecotherapy in Orange County, California



Most of us are probably aware of holistic treatments, such as yoga or meditation. However, a lot of us are probably not aware of exactly how they can treat mental illness. Many holistic therapies stem from ancient practices used to treat a wide range of mental health issues. Before conventional medicine was discovered, holistic therapy was designed to treat an individual’s mental, physical, and emotional health. 

Our mental health treatment centers at SoCal Empowered offer a variety of treatment programs, including integrative or holistic therapy. Holistic therapy in Orange County, California offers unique benefits for coping with a mental health condition. Our professional care team customizes treatment plans designed to meet your needs. We are committed to making sure you reach mental wellness and your long-term recovery.

What is Holistic Therapy?

This therapy technique focuses on the relationship between the mind, body, and spirit. Many holistic therapists describe it as a “psychology of hope,” trying to create a life of meaning for the individual. The therapist attempts to understand and address how issues in one area affect others. Holistic therapy psychologists may refer to themselves as “integrative” or “mind-body” therapists.

The goal of holistic therapy is to help individuals with mental conditions gain insight into how their emotions, thoughts, experiences, and beliefs are connected. These non-medical treatments help bring health and balance to the individual’s life.

Holistic therapy can comprise of evidence-based treatment programs that include:

Benefits of a Holistic Therapy Program and ecotherapy

Holistic therapy programs provide the benefit of concentrating on present experiences. An individual struggling with a mental issue might not recognize how often they are out of the moment. Individuals may turn to substance abuse to mask anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or other conditions. Placing focus on the present moment and the next step towards progress can cancel out fears of the future or guilt from the past.
A holistic therapy program emphasizes your mental and physical health and enables an individual to recognize negative feelings. Instead of spiraling out of control, taking control of these feelings is important both physically and psychologically. This can be achieved by the tools taught through this method of therapy.

Many times,  these tools are taught outdoors, which is also known as ecotherapy. This emerging technique combines the powers of therapy and nature.

Techniques Used in Holistic Therapy

​As mentioned before, holistic therapists believe an individual’s self-perception is a combination of the mind, body, and spirit. There are many techniques that can lead to improved self-awareness that are used in holistic therapy. Some of these techniques are listed below.


Individuals can use drawing, painting, sculpting, and photography to provide them with insight. Also, movement therapy, such as dancing, can provide a connection to the mind, body, and spirit.


This technique helps individuals sort and structure their thoughts and feelings that they want to understand. The journal is a documentation of events happening in real time, which the individual has to recognize and accept. Some therapists and psychologists will encourage the individual to share their journal during the therapy session.


These activities help create a connection between the physical body and spiritual emotions, and they include yoga, exercise, massages, and water activities.


This treatment technique helps bring an individual into a relaxed state of mind. During this period of relaxation, the therapist provides suggestions for accepting their current thoughts and feelings.


Breathing techniques like deep breathing are used to restore balance to the mind, body, and spirit. Breathwork requires body awareness, which helps the individual focus on the present moment.


Actively creating images of how the mind, body, and spirit work together create harmony and wellness. This technique is often used with breathwork and relaxation therapy.


Many holistic therapists use mindfulness to help support the individual to come to terms with their current situation. This technique allows for a non-judgmental approach and makes the individual feel more comfortable.

Does Holistic Psychotherapy Cure Symptoms?

Holistic therapy views mental health symptoms as a path to greater self-awareness and acceptance. It does not consider these symptoms as an obstacle to overcome but rather accepting them in the present moment. 

Once an individual can accept current symptoms, challenges, and stressors, they can reduce their fears and become more relaxed. The holistic approach uses specific treatment methods to help reduce and alleviate symptoms.

Holistic Therapy At SoCal Empowered

The body’s natural ability to heal itself can be aided with holistic therapy. This therapy can be a complementary and alternative treatment for those struggling with a mental health disorder. Alternative medicine and holistic medicine can be utilized as well if it will benefit the individual.

Here in Orange County, California, we specialize in diagnosing and treating a wide range of mental health issues. We utilize holistic therapy so that you can achieve long-lasting recovery. If you think you or a loved one could be diagnosed with a mental health disorder, give us a call today. We want to help you take control of your condition so that you can reach mental wellness.