Our mental health Insurance Network Partners

All of us understand that health insurance, while necessary for obvious reasons, can be very complicated. One of the unfortunate reasons that people hesitate to get the healthcare – physical or mental – that they need is because they are unsure of how their insurance coverage works. What does it mean to be “in-network” or “out-of-network?” What are insurance network partners?

Fortunately, SoCal Empowered helps those who work with us answer those questions before they make any commitment to come and stay with us to get the help they need. The first question we can answer is that, when an organization is on our roster of mental health insurance network partners, it means that we are an “in-network” mental health treatment provider.

What does that mean? As we’ve discussed in the past, when a care provider is in-network, it means that for the most part, the pricing and other details that exist between an insurance company and a treatment provider have already been negotiated and defined. That leads to faster coverage and faster answers with regards to how much coverage is available. 

In-Network Insurance Coverage

Below are the insurance companies with which SoCal Empowered enjoys an in-network status. If you see your healthcare provider below and you have mental health insurance coverage, which the majority of health policies these days do, then you can rest assured that your coverage will be defined and your answers in this regard will be quick:

If your health coverage is through any of these providers and you or a loved one is suffering from mental health challenges, then you need to contact our team at SoCal Empowered immediately for help. We will speak with you to decide whether or not a stay with us is the best solution for your situation, and if so, we will contact your provider directly to define benefits before you make any commitments. Contact us today.

We Are Committed to your Long Term Success

Wondering if in-patient mental health treatment is the right option for you? Give one of our caring professionals a call today to discuss your treatment options!

Our unique mental health treatment facilities in Orange County are personalized for each individual we have the honor of working with. Our goal is to equip you, or your loved one, with the best combination of medication and therapeutic intervention for your unique needs.

At SoCal Empowered™, we focus on meeting each individual where they are. We’re a family run facility comprised of industry-leading mental health and recovery professionals. We base our treatment approach on the most up-to-date research surrounding mental health and wellness.

We provide 24-hour, around the clock support to ensure you not only survive this difficult time but to thrive. Our licensed team of mental health and recovery experts are here for you as you begin on the journey toward personal growth and healing. We take insurance – often, your treatment costs will be 100% covered. Start On Your Path Toward Healing Now!