About  Socal Empowered



We have one mission at SoCal Empowered: We work tirelessly as an inpatient Orange County mental health treatment provider to offer a safe and nurturing environment for those who stay with us. Doing so provides our residents the opportunity to regain control of their lives. SoCal Empowered is more than just a network of inpatient Orange County mental health treatment facilities, as we truly think of those who trust us with their needs as family members first and foremost. We have always strongly believed that the people who come to stay with us are not “broken” – they just need some help getting themselves back on their feet. We all deserve health and happiness, both physically and mentally. 

Every person who works with us will learn about the disease or diseases they are fighting, how to manage them and, perhaps just as importantly, how to continue to maintain good mental health after they complete their stay with us. We are interested only in long-term success, as that’s the foundation for any happy and healthy life that all of us deserve. We are not trying to “fix” you – we work to help you learn coping skills to help you for the rest of your life.

Our Philosophy

The first thing we make sure our residents understand – even before they come to stay with us – is that they are far from alone. Millions of people suffer from mental health challenges across the United States every day, and there is no reason to ever feel isolated. Ours are inpatient Orange County mental health treatment centers that have the feel of a community from their foundations through their rooftops.

Part of fostering that community feel is by living up to our name and “empowering” our residents with choices. Everyone who stays with us has direct and real input with regards to their treatment protocols. After all, if someone fighting a mental health disease truly believes in the treatment being administered, the chances of a successful result skyrocket.

Our treatment options are evidence-based and incorporate community-based services from an integrative, person-centered lens in which medical and mental health treatment join holistic, spiritual, Eastern and Western philosophies for wellbeing.

Our job is to provide those who stay with us with the knowledge and skills necessary to help them live happy and healthy lives after they leave one of our Orange County mental health treatment facilities.


Caring, Qualified Experts

Our inpatient Orange County mental health treatment facilities are staffed by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Each member of our team inherently possesses important knowledge regarding mental health challenges and a wealth of empathy to facilitate healing.

Beautiful, Quiet Locations

At the moment, SoCal Empowered offers two inpatient Orange County mental health treatment facilities and a group home in Idaho Falls, Idaho. One Orange County facility is located in Lake Forest and the other in Mission Viejo. Each is merely a short drive from the Pacific Ocean and both offer all the benefits of the “SoCal” lifestyle that one could ever hope to enjoy.

Luxury: Resident Chef

What we eat is not only the fuel for our bodies, but it can often play a role in our mental health. Every person who stays with us at either inpatient Orange County mental health treatment facility meets with our resident chef on-site to discuss dietary needs and preferences.

Conditions We Treat

Mental health challenges do not come in neat, organized packages. Many times, the people we help suffer from a combination of problems that must be identified and handled thoroughly in order for a resident to emerge from our treatment successfully. The conditions we treat include:

We Are Committed to your Long Term Success

Wondering if inpatient mental health treatment is the right option for you? Give one of our caring professionals a call today to discuss your treatment options!

Overcoming mental health challenges involves far more than spending a few weeks at one of our inpatient Orange County mental health treatment facilities. It’s our job to provide you not only with the treatment you need, but to help you build the skills necessary to allow you the opportunity to handle things as you encounter them long after your stay with us ends. A few examples of the skills we work on together include:

  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Meditation
  • Focus
  • Professional Growth
  • Interpersonal relationship knowledge
  • Sleep

Some or perhaps all of these can help you at some point in the future, and we’ll tailor our treatment to help you incorporate whatever life skills you need to be successful for years to come.

Our Personal Touch

Our unique mental health treatment facilities are personalized for each individual we have the honor of working with. Our goal is to equip you, or your loved one, with the best combination of medication and therapeutic intervention for your unique needs.

At SoCal Empowered™, we focus on meeting each individual where they are. We’re a family run facility comprised of industry-leading mental health and recovery professionals. We base our treatment approach on the most up-to-date research surrounding mental health and wellness.

We provide 24-hour, around the clock support to ensure you not only survive this difficult time, but thrive. Our licensed team of mental health and recovery experts are here for you as you begin on the journey toward personal growth and healing. We take insurance – often, your treatment costs will be 100% covered. Start On Your Path Toward Healing Now!