About SoCal Empowered


At SoCal Empowered™, our mission as an inpatient Orange County mental health treatment provider is to change the lives of others with our team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing quality, industry-leading mental health treatment services. Each client we have the privilege of working with is treated with great respect as if we’re treating our own loved ones.

We help them rebuild their lives to be meaningful and productive—enhancing their quality of life and personal relationships. Every day holds an opportunity to help equip our clients with the tools that will help them lead enriched, productive lives after leaving treatment.

We support their continued growth through skill-building courses which include nutrition, financial management, and employment skills. These services are executed in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Our Philosophy

No one suffering from a mental health disorder should ever feel alone. If you can make the decision to face your struggles head-on, you deserve our full dedication to your long-term healing.

Our philosophy is one that welcomes all approaches to treatment that have successfully achieved long-lasting recovery.

We believe that when our clients are empowered with the choice of truly individualized treatment options, they emerge as powerful participants in their own customized plans for personal development and growth. We embrace evidence-based practices along with community-based services from an integrative, person-centered lens in which medical and mental health treatment join holistic, spiritual, Eastern and Western philosophies for wellbeing.

Our work and efforts as an inpatient Orange County mental health treatment resource don’t stop once our patients complete their treatment, either. We’re committed to the long-term success of our clients through teaching valuable life skills that empower them to better navigate their physical and emotional lives beyond treatment.

Caring, Qualified Experts

When entering into treatment, the level of quality care provided is of the utmost importance. This means having a caring, high-quality team of professionals that can lead by example in facilitating healing. Our expert staff at Socal Empowered are dedicated to caring for our clients’ safety and wellbeing each step of the way.

Socal Location

There isn’t enough to be said about the power of nature and a beautiful, peaceful location for facilitating healing, growth, and lifelong change. Surrounded by the Saddleback Valley mountains and lakes, and just 9 miles from the Pacific Ocean, our serene setting is located in Lake Forest, CA in the center of sunny Orange County, CA.

Luxury & Resident Chef

Our 6-bed facility is small enough to afford our clients with a truly spacious, peaceful home-like setting that provides the right amount of privacy for a truly effective recovery experience. We also provide a resident chef who will meet with each client to identify any dietary restrictions in an effort to meet one’s nutritional needs.

Conditions We Treat

At SoCal Empowered™, we offer individualized treatment plans for adults that are custom-designed around each of his/her unique needs. We keep our spaces limited in order to provide each person who comes into our care with a completely tailored healing experience.

We want to optimize everyone’s healing process with each and every detail of a client’s stay taken into consideration—offering maximum therapeutic benefit. We’re pleased to offer customized treatment plans for a variety of mental health disorders.

Some of the most common conditions we treat include:

We’re Committed To Your Long-Term Success

Wondering if in-patient mental health treatment is the right option for you? Give one of our caring professionals a call today to discuss your treatment options!

Our Personal Touch

Our unique mental health treatment facility is personalized for each individual we have the honor of working with. Our goal is to equip you, or your loved one, with the best combination of medication and therapeutic intervention for your unique needs.

At SoCal Empowered™, we focus on meeting each individual where they are. We’re a family run facility comprised of industry-leading mental health and recovery professionals. We base our treatment approach on the most up-to-date research surrounding mental health and wellness.

We provide 24-hour, around the clock support to ensure you not only survive this difficult time but to thrive. Our licensed team of mental health and recovery experts are here for you as you begin on the journey toward personal growth and healing. We take insurance – often, your treatment costs will be 100% covered. Start On Your Path Toward Healing Now!