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When people decide that it’s time to learn more about the possibilities that Orange County mental health treatments can present to someone struggling with mental illness, it’s often that first step that’s the most difficult. That’s because deciding to face any difficult problem is daunting, and once you start that fight it’s not going to stop. Our team at SoCal Empowered understands this along with many other realities relating to this difficult time in people’s lives.

This is just one of the ways in which we are so very different from other mental health treatment options out there. A lot of resources that exist today will pay lip service to operating with the person at the top of the list, but we mean it. Below we’re going to lay out what we’re talking about so you can obtain an idea of who you’ll be dealing with before you ever contact us.

We Dig Deep

For too many people, obtaining Orange County mental health treatment simply means that they are diagnosed, they get a handful of counseling sessions and some medication and then they are sent on their way. If you or someone you love is facing the challenge of mental illness, then you likely already understand that proper, effective and long-term treatment needs to dive much deeper than that.

When you work with SoCal Empowered, you can rest assured that we’re going to work tirelessly to identify the root cause of the mental illness present instead of just treating the symptoms. If that takes longer than we expect it to, then so be it, but the bottom line is that people facing this challenge are not going to maximize their potential for getting a handle on it simply by implementing a “quick fix.”

We Help You Find the RIGHT Help

One of the reasons that people hesitate to reach out to Orange County mental health treatment centers is because the last thing they want to deal with – understandably – is some type of sales pitch. If someone you love is mentally ill, you’ll want to find that person the right option for getting better instead of just an option. You’re also already feeling vulnerable, so beating back a high-pressure sales pitch is simply not something you’re willing to do.

You won’t have to worry about that when you reach out to us. We are an inpatient Orange County mental health treatment facility. We treat only those who suffer from mental illness. We do not deal with substance abuse if that’s the only problem that’s present. Many people have been surprised when, after talking to us, we tell them that we wouldn’t be a good fit for them and then refer them to what we think would work best. We’re really only interested in getting people the help they need, and not at all interested in selling them help we can persuade them to want.

We Make You Feel Safe and Welcome

If Orange County mental health treatments are the best option for you and you come to stay with us, you’ll also soon realize that we are not an operation that crams people into beds, provides them with only the basics in terms of food and comforts and then pushes through the treatment protocols as quickly as possible so we can get someone else enrolled.

We have six beds in our facility. You won’t be just a number. We employ a top-level chef who prepares only the finest, healthiest meals, and we’ll work with you as it relates to any dietary needs you have. If you need to avoid gluten, we’ll make sure that happens, and if you’re a vegan, we’ll follow that for you as well.

We also make sure that you get an opportunity to get out and about a bit, as that’s good for almost anyone dealing with mental health problems. You’ll get to spend time at the beach, you’ll get to leave the facility and you’ll get to enjoy your time with us. If all you’re doing while staying with us is counting the days until you can leave, you’re not maximizing your position.

We Get to Know You

Finally, when you stay with us, you’ll be someone that we get to know as a person and not just as someone who needs our help. If you’re lounging on our patio, basking in the cool Southern California breeze, we’re going to sit and talk with you. We’re going to find out as much about you as we can, as that’s just how we operate. As mentioned above, the more comfortable the people who stay with us are, the better their prospects for turning things around in their lives.

Find Out More

If you are struggling with mental illness or you’re worried about a loved one, then the first thing you need to do is identify your options for treatment and then evaluate them. We can and will help you do that. We’re not just an Orange County mental health treatment center, but also an overall resource.

We encourage you to give us a call. It’ll cost you nothing, and if we think that staying with us is the right course of action, we’ll help you clarify some things before you make any commitments. We’ll talk directly to your insurance company to determine coverage. We’ll help you get a grasp on what needs to be done.

It’s time to get the help you need, so call us today to get that process started. We’re here to help you, whether you ultimately stay with us or not.

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