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We’ve heard it too many times over the years: “Someone I love really needs Orange County mental health treatment, but there’s no way I can afford it.” It’s been this way for far too long for far too many people, and it’s one of the many reasons that mental health has reached what many believe to be a pandemic level of prevalence across the United States.

Hospitals are not generally equipped to treat people facing mental health problems, as they are set up to help those with physical injuries and illnesses. That leaves people thinking that there are no real options for them. As a result, countless people – although most would agree it’s actually in the millions – suffer silently because they or their loved ones do not believe that there are mental health treatment payment options available.

How Bad Is the Problem?

The prevalence of mental health problems in the United States is far greater than many people realize. According to Mental Health America, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing about a heightened level of mental health awareness, over 47 million American adults are experiencing some sort of mental health challenge, and over 10 million adults are suffering through severe mental illness.

The situation gets even worse when you consider the fact that millions of people with mental illness challenges are not being treated. According to NAMI, or the National Alliance on Mental Illness, fewer than 45 percent of American adults with mental illness problems received some sort of treatment in 2019. That percentage likely dropped precipitously after the pandemic arrived.

The mental health problem in the United States, to put it bluntly, is extremely bad.

Why Are People Not Getting Help?

As one could imagine, there are several reasons that people do not seek out and obtain the mental health treatment that they need. The Mental Health Million Project recently compiled a comprehensive report on the state of mental health across the world, with many data points broken down by country.

According to the report in terms of its focus on the United States, the following percentages of respondents to a survey gave the corresponding reasons for not seeking mental health help even though they knew they likely needed it:

  • Lack of confidence in the mental health care system – 37 percent
  • Lack of knowledge of what type of help to seek – 34 percent
  • Lack of affordable treatment options – 25 percent
  • Concerns about the stigma attached to mental health – 25 percent

One could reasonably argue that the first two reasons on the list are related to the belief that mental health treatment is simply not affordable, as an enormous number of people are simply unaware of how this entire aspect of medical help works.

Insurance Covers Mental Health

One of the problems regarding mental health treatment payment options is that too many people are not aware of the fact that health insurance policies are required to offer coverage for mental health. That became law a few years ago, although it should be stated that every insurance policy is different and coverage amounts for mental health are different.

What you need to do is inquire as to the extent of mental health coverage your policy provides, and if it’s not enough, you should change it. For more specific information, review the federal government’s page on marketplace insurance coverage so you can learn more about your individual rights and options.

SoCal Empowered Offers Mental Health Treatment Payment Options

Beyond statistics, federal laws, state regulations and insurance policy specifics, mental health treatment facilities may also be able to help people who need it. For those seeking Orange County mental health help, SoCal Empowered offers a wide range of options for those who feel that finances are the biggest barrier to a happier and healthier life.

We treat people from all over the United States at our facility in Southern California. A large percentage of people who contact us are not sure about their insurance coverage limits or benefits. If we feel that someone needs mental health help, we offer the option of speaking directly to that person’s insurance company to determine specific benefits so that everyone understands the commitment level financially before moving forward.

Even if someone is underinsured or doesn’t even have insurance, we will work hard to avoid turning people away. Our mission at SoCal Empowered is to treat people, not policies, as our interest is in working with patients and families to help them improve their lives. We offer hardship options and even scholarships for those people who need financial help, as money should not be a barrier to health.

Finally, even if all of these options are not enough or we feel that someone needs mental health help but not necessarily the types we offer, we will work with people to help them find the right resource to obtain the help that they need. No one contacts us and gets turned away without us extending every person the full amount of effort they deserve.

The Time Is Now

Most experts agree that largely because of the pandemic, the state of mental health in the United States is only going to get worse. As you can see above, it’s already in a very troubling place given the statistics and realities that exist. If you or someone you love is in need of Orange County mental health help, then you need to contact us as soon as possible so we can have a positive and productive discussion.

We will help you find the help you need. We will work with you with regards to mental health treatment payment options if necessary. We will be your first step towards getting a handle on this extremely difficult challenge. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do together to improve your situation.

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