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SoCal Empowered is happy to announce that we are an in-network mental health provider for those who hold healthcare policies with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. Being in-network means that if you or someone on your policy is experiencing serious mental health problems, you or that person can come and stay with us to work on that without having to wonder about your coverage or costs. It simply makes the admission process more efficient and much less stressful.

About Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

For over 80 years, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona has been working with people in Arizona to provide them with healthcare coverage. Also known as AZ Blue, the company currently serves more than 2 million customers across the Grand Canyon State who need any number of different types of help with their healthcare.

Over the years, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona has won countless awards that relate to matters such as best places to work, healthiest employers, best workplace cultures, best HMOs, best PPOs, and for workplace inclusion. You can see a more complete list of awards AZ Blue has won here.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and Mental Health

AZ Blue offers a variety of options when it comes to mental health. Their website has an entire section dedicated to behavioral health, and many of their healthcare policies offer different levels of coverage for mental healthcare. If you are a policyholder of AZ Blue, all you need to do is check your own policy or speak to the company about your coverage to find out what types of benefits are included in your coverage.

If you’re not aware of those benefits, then perhaps a phone call would be helpful regardless. After all, it could be good for your mental health to know what type of coverage you have for mental health in case you encounter a problem. Odds are that you or someone in your family will at some point need these types of benefits.

How SoCal Empowered Can Help

If you or a loved one is suffering through a mental health problem and you don’t want to deal with speaking to an insurance company for fear of not asking all the questions or all the right questions, you can always call us first. We’ll be happy to discuss the situation with you and then speak directly to our in-network partners at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona to determine your coverage before you make any commitments.

What’s most important, though, is that you make that first call or send that first email. Mental health challenges are like any other medical issue in that they will not simply get better on their own. Many times, they will only get worse.

Contact our team of Orange County mental health professionals today at SoCal Empowered to find out more specifically how we can help you get past this difficult time.

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