Socal Empowered Mental Treatment Center in Orange County

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You can also reach us at ‪(949) 342-342

 One of our caring professionals will contact you to discuss your treatment options. Our experienced and knowledgeable Orange County mental health care team is here to support you.

SoCal Empowered is a  Southern California mental health treatment center that provides inpatient care for those who need professional help in managing difficult mental health challenges. Contact us as soon as possible if you or someone you love needs help.

Our mental health facility in Orange County, California provides a comfortable, supportive, and unique family-like environment which makes for an enjoyable experience. We integrate outings, tours, and fun activities to make your stay a pleasant and enjoyable experience while you get the help you need. Read more about Socal Empowered

We’re Committed To Your Long-Term Success

Reach us at ‪(949) 342-342


At SoCal Empowered™, our mission is to change the lives of others with our team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing quality, industry-leading mental health treatment services. Each client we have the privilege of working with is treated with great respect as if we’re treating our own loved ones.

Our 6-bed facility is small enough to afford our clients with a truly spacious, peaceful home-like setting.

Our serene location is just 9 miles from the Pacific Ocean, located in Lake Forest, CA in the center of sunny Orange County.