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Millions of people around the world – and tens of millions of people in the United States alone – suffer from mental health challenges. Some are able to manage them with relatively minimal treatments and interventions, while others need quite a bit of ongoing help. Given that mental health is a disease, this makes sense, as almost all diseases exist in different degrees of intensity. When it comes to the best way to handle this situation, the question often comes down to residential mental health treatment versus an outpatient approach.

The bottom line with regards to this dichotomy is that for some, residential mental health care makes more sense than a different approach, while the opposite is true of others. If you find yourself asking this question, however, we’re here to help. SoCal Empowered is a residential Orange County mental health provider, and below you’ll find some examples of the benefits of inpatient care.

The Gift of Time

One of the biggest benefits of residential mental health treatment is that it provides people with the gift of time. When someone who needs help is limited to an hour or two per week, it compresses the opportunity to try new things and to relearn or unlearn harmful habits that need to be undone in order for treatment to be a success. Residential treatment programs allow residents to work through things at a slower pace and to really unpack underlying problems that may be causing certain challenges without having to watch the clock.

An Ecosystem of Support

There’s something to be said about consistency, and the idea that being around new ways of thinking and new approaches to life all day, at least for the time being, is certainly something that helps people overcome their challenges. Residential mental health treatment provides clients with the chance to have what they’re learning be reinforced on a consistent basis, and this reinforcement can come not only from within themselves, but from staff members, counselors and even other residents. That repetition is invaluable as someone learns new ways to think and approach the world.

A Safe and Comfortable Location

When we’re learning something new, when our old ways of thinking and behaving are being confronted and challenged internally, it’s only natural for someone to cling to the familiar. Change – especially fundamental change that tends to be related to mental health challenges – is stressful for everyone, and traumatic for many.

Therefore, residential mental health treatment is a better approach for some people because going home after an hour or a day will only expose them to what’s familiar and to what may have led them down their difficult pathway in the first place. Learning new things in a safe, comfortable and private environment only makes it easier to accept new perspectives.

Holistic Mental Health Healing

When you’re undergoing outpatient mental health treatment, most of the time you’re reporting for your individual or group session and then leaving and getting back into your life. With residential mental health treatment, you’ll be getting an opportunity to engage in an entire lifestyle change that will holistically help you see things in a new and healthier way.

For instance, SoCal Empowered offers much more than Orange County mental health treatment. We offer outings in beautiful Southern California that include the beach and other places. We help people get in touch with their interests that will help them cope with their surroundings when the time comes to reenter the outside world.

A Much Needed Break

Most of us get up in the morning, charge through our day and then wonder where that day, that week, that month or even that year went. That’s because we are a culture of busy people, and that level of frenzied activity tends to hardwire our brains to move at a frenetic pace in order to keep up with things. For some people, this does not lend itself to proper mental health treatment and healing.

Residential mental health centers offer people the chance to take a break from all of that hustle and bustle and, perhaps for the first time in many years, pare down the number of things upon which they are focusing. The less clutter that’s in someone’s brain, the easier it is to bring things into order.

The Value of Separation

Finally, residential mental health treatment offers people who need help the opportunity to not only get away from their busy routines, but also to put some distance between themselves and other elements in their life that may need close examination. For instance, there could be a toxic relationship that exists that a person may not be able to recognize until that person is no longer around that other person on a regular basis.

There could be other triggers or factors present that, given their ubiquity, are impossible to pinpoint until they are seen from a distance. Separation from all elements in someone’s life allows a person to view things from a different perspective. Think of it as seeing your life from the seat of an airplane as opposed to standing on the ground.

How SoCal Empowered Can Help

As mentioned, SoCal Empowered is a residential Orange County mental health facility dedicated to helping those who suffer from any type of mental health challenge. However, we are different than some in that we’re not interested in simply bringing as many people in to stay with us as possible. What you’ll find when you talk to us is that after listening to you, we’re going to recommend what we think is the best course of action for your situation. That may include staying with us, or it may not – it’s about you and how to help you or a loved one get better, and that’s it.

Not to mention, we’ll even work directly with your insurance company to determine the specifics of your coverage before you commit to staying with us. We want you to enter your residential mental health treatment program with as clear a mind as possible, so if you or a loved one is suffering, contact us today so that together, we can figure out how to get you the help you need.

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